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Our mission is to become your most trusted ally and scale your brand on the largest e-commerce platform in the world.

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We craft strategies, develop brands, and optimize PPC for Your Success.

At Scale Wave, we started by managing our own brand. We know the ups and downs of entrepreneurship well – the balancing act and the challenges of moving forward.

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Our service is tailored for ambitious brands aiming to reach new heights. If your monthly PPC sales revenue hits $5000, we're here to supercharge your business.

Experience the systematic, expert management of your PPC ads that ensures optimal results and unlocks your brand's full potential.

Full Account Management

Boost your brand's triumph with our comprehensive account management solution.

Benefit from a holistic approach encompassing customer service, strategic account handling, and expert PPC optimization. Experience expert guidance to drive your business to new heights


Are you seeking expert guidance for your Amazon product launch?

Look no further. Our service caters to brands aiming to conquer Amazon's US, CA, and UK marketplaces. We understand Amazon’s algorithm and have helped sellers like you rank on the first page of an ever-changing market.

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Upon form receipt, we'll assess compatibility. If aligned, we'll share a call link for the next phase – reviewing findings.


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In a 30-min Zoom call, we'll discuss audit results, proposed account improvements, wasted funds, and an account overview.


Agreements signed

Once findings align, agreement's are signed, and payments are posted, we move on to onboarding.



During onbaording, we craft an account strategy, deeply analyze its structure, learn your SKUs, and create a systematic campaign and nomenclature restructuring plan.



This phase targets ad waste reduction, a crucial step for both growth-oriented and profit-focused accounts.

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  • Product Launch
  • Ongoing PPC Management
  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign Creation
  • Strategy for Scaling
  • Strategy for Profitability

Scale Wave

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Q: What will my product launch look like if your company plans it?

A: We could either do keyword research and find the most relevant keywords to your product and create campaigns based on those keywords, or, if you already have a keyword list in place for which you wish to rank we would examine that list first and provide feedback.

After choosing the right keywords, we would create campaigns, monitor your campaigns, adjust your bids, and generate weekly and monthly reports for you.

A: We charge based on a percentage of your PPC sales revenue. Also, depending on the account size. To provide you with the best answer, please opt into our FREE PPC audit.

A: Not at all.

Right now, we only accept PayPal

A: Thus far, we’ve had multiple successful product launches with PPC ads.

Additionally, because the company was founded by Amazon sellers, we are familiar with the requirements and, at times, anxiety that accompany the launch of a product. As a brand, we will treat your launch as if it were our own.

A: Yes. The monthly management and product launch package includes a 30-minute Zoom consultation.

Please note that the consultation time does not accumulate.
For additional consultation, please contact us.

A: Currently, we are solely devoted to Amazon PPC advertising. This includes PPC account management, PPC strategy for product launches, and PPC Account Audits.

A: 30% of your total budget should ideally be allocated to pay-per-click advertising. However, based on the chosen Keywords, market competitiveness, and CPC (cost per click), we can strategize on a budget between $2,500 and $5,000 per month for Amazon PPC ads.

A: Our business hours are from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM EDT. We will respond to your inquiry within 1 to 2 business days.

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